Monday, May 25, 2009

unplug your kids: dark

I've been wanting to participate in unplug your kids weekly proyects,

and finally this week I did. The theme is dark

So one day when Jessica all she wanted to do was

watch tv since our life has been amazingly busy

I remember the unplug your kids weekly project

it came to me...

I gave my daughter a flashlight and turned the tv off

closed the courtains, and turned all the lights off

(that's the picture on the top)

then we turned the lights on
she thought the flashlight wasn't working
then I explained to her that she couldn't see the light
coming out of the flashlight because it wasn't dark
She had lots of fun, going to all the dark places
with the flashlight, specially the closet
And you know me, I push my spanish
in every ocassion I get
so I tought her this words:
Flashlight = linterna
light = luz
dark = oscuro


  1. What a great way to teach some Spanish, and looks like she had a lot of fun too! Way better than watching TV!


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