Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun Creepy Creations

Hi all, here is a little Halloween gift
for all our little ones

A bat pattern for the halloween house decoration
with black construction paper (double the paper)
bat = mucierlago
Cut and paste is always fun
and good for their sissors skills

word search for a little challenge
my daughter loves them
and they are awesome for our children
starting to read

dot to dot is a good way of practicing their math

I like this one, it has numbers and letters

and here is some fun pumpkin face creations
you can let them color it
or print it on different color papers

and here is the pumpking
for them to color or just print it
on orange paper

I hope you enjoy it!
just sending a little love

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  1. Awesome printables! Thank you very much, and I am hoping that you will come back in full force soon!


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