Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Angels for Christmas

We made this beautiful angels

in my prek classroom

We gave every child a white construction paper

where we drew a big circle for the head

and a big triangle without the top for the angel's dress

for my 4 y. olds to cut out

after cutting them out

they started gluing everything together

first the head to the body

then for the wings we took

a big 10" doili and fold the middle a little bit

just to give the wings a little dimension

and glue it to the angel,

now some wiggly eyes, a nose

and a happy face :)

some silver or gold glittler glue

for the halo

then the spread glue on the body

so the fake snow/white glitter

sticks to the angel

after all that hard work :)

we made this beautiful display :)

thanks for reading my blog :)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Those little angels were so cute! I loved the idea and the finished result! I've made some that were kinda similar, put I placed a photo of the child in the center of the circle. It was a neat reminder of their short time in PreK!
    I just found your site from ABC Jesus Loves Me and I have joined! If you Facebook, send me a link and I'll join you there too!
    I'm just starting a little blog, but only have enough time for 2-3 post a week...if I'm lucky...since I have way to many pans on the fire right now! lol
    Pop over and check it out!http://learningischildsplay.blogspot.com/

    Grace and Peace,

  2. They are beautiful, thankyou so much for adding them to Thrifty Christmas x


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