Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas activities for all ages

Hello everyone :)
today I am trying to catch up with my posts
I have a few Christmas activities for all ages
this one is a pretty angel, made by some 3 y. olds
as you can see, we cut a small paper plate for the body
a circle for the head which they decorated with some
sticker eyes, a dot for the nose and some lips with red marker
we cut some circles for the halo from the same paper plates
and the kids paint it with gold paint
and finally the wings are made out of coffee filters :)

These little penguins were some sets that the school bought
but is just so cute to see how the little ones
put them together
the boot was cut out of construction paper
and the kids had so much fun
decorating it with the foam snowflakes
and cotton on top :)

This little christmas trees were finger painted
and decorated by 2 y. olds :)

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  1. Nice crafts! My daughter preschool also does a lot of things of this nature. I love sending her there, because it's so oriented to arts and crafts. Merry Christmas!


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