Sunday, January 10, 2010

Please tell me...

what are you working on the coming weeks?

I have a really busy week ahead of me

and I am really hoping to be able to post everything we do at school this week. Our theme this week is people and their culture, so is mostly like a multicultural theme, and I have to come up with a lot of ideas lol

But in the meanwhile I would love to know what themes are you planning to teach your little ones this coming weeks, I might have some printables to share with you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and leaving such nice comments :)

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  1. I am very much interested in your multicultural theme, since I am working on geography track with my daughter. So far we are doing more of "Planet Earth features" activities, but eventually we will branch into people and countries. So keep your ideas coming and good luck with your busy week.

  2. I posted this question earlier to the teachers on facebook and here are what some of the teachers are doing for Jan and early Feb.

    Jan: Around the World
    Jan: MLK
    Jan: OuterSpace
    Jan: Winter/Ice/Snow
    Jan: Winter/Artic Animals
    Jan: Dinosaurs

    Feb: Emotions/Feelings
    Feb: Shadows
    Feb: Post office
    Feb: Valentine's Day
    Feb: Healthy Hearts
    Feb: Teddy Bears

    And I am working on songs that go with many of those themes if you would like to check them out too:) Hope this helps!

  3. This week we are doing a Winter Snow theme. Next week, we are doing Animals in Winter theme.

    We are putting off geography for now and putting more attention to our Nature studies.


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